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Simple Entertainment is Melbourne’s best silent disco equipment provider and we can prove it! Our equipment and audio quality guarantees are sure to get your large event to newer heights than you’ve ever experienced. Silent Discos are the new party revolution that cannot be ignored anymore! They offer event organisers much more flexible and efficient sound broadcasting equipment than anything else. We’re here to help you explore all your options!

Silent disco equipment that pumps the party up

You can put your festival, performance, or event on much higher levels with our silent event powered equipment. At Simple Entertainment Silent Disco, we can take the live feed from your hired band, DJ or any other source and crisply transmit it in real-time. This means that everyone who adorns our excellent headphones will experience the same sound quality that the band hears with their in-ear monitors. In settings like a festival, good sound quality for the entertainment can make or break the event. This is also usually an environment where multiple arts are performing at the same time and our headphones can cater to this too! We have a multi-channel function that only requires the flip of a switch, and your guests can enjoy an experience they may have never known before. Our headsets reduce the number of large-scale sound systems needed and have sound-cancelling capability to minimise interference from different sets. Our headsets are also built to thrive in these environments! Every single member in the audience can control the volume of the performances that they are hearing. Our unique technology also works perfectly for backstage VIP guests, providing them with an intimate listening experience. This is the perfect audio choice for any festival or otherwise. 

Why choose Simple Entertainment’s Silent Disco Equipment

Simple Entertainment’s Silent Disco equipment is brilliant in festival settings because there are no worries about noise pollution. We have customized state of the art, multi-channel headphones available to everyone at your event! Our equipment is brilliant, but we can really get the party started thanks to our in-house custom-made transmitting systems which is only one of many things that set us apart. Not just that, but our sound selection is up to scratch too! Book our stellar equipment and you’ll be renting extremely durable stuff, has long-range reception, and produces crystal clear sound. Our transmitters are some of the best in the industry and you can enjoy the benefits of this!

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