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Event organisers for fundraising and charity events are doing important work towards bettering a specific community’s needs. These events take meticulous planning and organising, and we know how audio limitations can be an issue of concern. The most important aspect of any fundraiser or charity event, like with audio for corporate seminars as an example, is that every member needs to receive the necessary communication or hear the presentations clearly. In large rooms with many attendees, this can often be difficult with traditional sound equipment. That is why Simple Entertainment offers high-end silent disco equipment to ensure that every participant hears the message loud and clear. We will plug in our equipment to the relevant sound channels and ensure that everyone can hear what is being shared as clearly as possible. Our headphones have adjustable sound options, and multi-channel capacity and can be branded with your event’s unique logo. Our professional transmitters are also easy rechargeable so if you are hosting an event that needs on-the-go audio then we are more than ready to assist you. 

Why choose Simple Entertainment’s Silent Disco equipment?

We want to make sure that your even gets the best audio capability possible. Our silent disco equipment offers guests an event or party experience that is unbeatable no matter how large or small your gathering is. We are a qualified and experienced silent disco equipment hire company in Melbourne and we are proud to showcase our range of expertise. We have a team of sound engineers and equipment operators that are available with round-the-clock tech support to ensure all the silent disco equipment is working properly and answer any questions you may have while putting together your silent rave, concert, or conference. If you need our team for more extensive servicing during your event, simply call our team and we’re happy to help.

A silent disco for your next charity event

Simple Entertainment offers locals in the Bayside Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and many more a self-powered transmitting system with wireless audio connectivity. Our equipment is the state of the art stuff and so that means that it can offer mobile event capability, corporate function audio hire or something much more personal if required. At Simple Entertainment Silent Disco, we excel at more than just “silent disco” and “silent party” equipment hire. We have an in-house team of audio experts that ensure that your guests can enjoy multi-listener system technology in exciting and innovative settings for some of the most creative clients in the world. It doesn’t matter if we have to cater to several split rooms or large spaces, everyone can enjoy something in our multi-channel selection.

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