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Girls just wanna have fun!

Ladies, are you looking to have an absolute blast before the bride’s special day?

But finding the perfect hen party activities – especially ones that haven’t been done to death – might seem difficult! You need an amazing activity that will appeal to both your group and your budget.

Are you looking for hen party ideas?

Finding an activity that your entire group will like is one of the most difficult tasks. Is the bride-to-be’s wild uni mate AND her best friend from work both going to like pole dancing? Is that cupcake decorating lesson going to keep everyone’s attention for more than 2 minutes?

And now you have the extra difficulty of Covid-19, which makes booking into nightclubs difficult.

Don't be concerned; silent discos are the way to go.

A silent disco hens party playlist is an excellent way to engage your hens before they arrive. Why not invite each hen to contribute a few songs to each playlist? If you want an easy option, we can create excellent playlists for you, ensuring that you have tunes to suit everyone! Is your bride-to-be a fan of any particular genre or artist? Please let us know, and we’ll make sure to include them!

You can have a full nightclub experience anywhere you choose.

When it comes to event entertainment, relax and let our staff handle the details. So, if you are looking to host a silent hens party in Melbourne, Bayside Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula or South eastern suburbs, give us a call. Our fantastic entertainment specialists will be delighted to assist you. While you’re at it, enquire about how we might further better your experience. 

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