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Hens and Bucks Parties

Want to enjoy your last day of freedom? Host a silent disco party with your closest friends. (we’re just kidding)

Nah but seriously, host a silent disco. Everyone gets to choose their own kind of music, everyone has fun! Plus our amazing DJs can curate playlists of your liking so you and your friends can party till you drop. Literally! You can go all night long without interruptions like annoying neighbours and clubs closing up. 

Festivals and Events

Due to noise limits, silent disco was first used at the Glastonbury Festival, and it has subsequently been used at several other festivals.

We can build a package to meet your festival entertainment needs, whether you are having a small event with some interactive activities or dance, yoga, or going all out with a massive party with three DJs and amazing effects.

Corporate Events

Are you searching for an event options that can both entertain and interest your entire workforce or guests? How can you please the rookies who want to party hard and listen to the latest music, as well as the older folks who prefer something more low-key? When you book a silent disco with us, everyone of your guests will receive their own set of our high quality, three channel wireless headphones so they can listen to any music they like and enjoy themselves.

Fundraising and charity events

Event organisers for fundraising and charity events are doing important work towards bettering a specific community’s needs. These events take meticulous planning and organising, and we know how audio limitations can be an issue of concern. The most important aspect of any fundraiser or charity event, like with audio for corporate seminars as an example, is that every member needs to receive the necessary communication or hear the presentations clearly. In large rooms with many attendees, this can often be difficult with traditional sound equipment.


Are you hunting for music that will have everyone up on the dance floor and having the best time? How can you please family members of various ages, friends, and your own musical tastes?

SILENT DISCO is the solution.

We will arrive and set up the equipment, as well as provide headphone stands and incredible live music or playlists that will blow your mind. Planning a Birthday party just became hassle free.

Wedding Reception

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate your wedding? Instead of going the traditional route, try something different and have a silent disco. 

Special curated playlists, live DJs, specialised equipment, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is have fun with your closest friends and family on your special day.
Multiple options make it easy for everyone to make. This way, your single friends won’t feel alone when you’re dancing on romantic songs!

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